Our origination is in product. Our conviction is product.

Founded in 1946 we are dedicated to women’s unique bodies since more than 70 years.

Having started as a pure manufacturer of high quality underwear, we have started to establish our own swimwear brand(s) in the mid 70ies.

The core of our brands/company is the obsessive dedication to craftsmanship and fit. Our experience and expertise with close-to-body garments and the handling of elastic fabrics has led us to being one of the most expert houses in the premium swimwear segment.

Still today we design and develop all products in our original workshop in the south of Germany with highly trained and skilled developers, pattern makers and seamstresses.

The focus of all products we make lies on combining the full experience in craftsmanship into premium swimwear.

Craftsmanship in swimwear is not just about creating beautiful and functional pieces; it is about preserving a tradition. It is a craft that requires patience, skill and dedication. Those who choose to pursue this art do so because they underastand the value of handmade goods and the impact on the fashion industry

It involves skilled artisans, seamstresses, designers and pattern developers who work together to create unique and functional pieces. By preserving the tradition of handmade goods and exceptional details, we ensure that the art of craftsmanship in swimwear endures.

Our designers and pattern developers work in close collaboration to create patterns that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

These professionals understand the importance of their craft and take pride in creating exceptional and unique pieces.

By using traditional techniques and high-quality materials we create swimwear that is both timeless and fashionable.

All materials that become part of one of our products are carefully reviewed and chosen in respect to their quality and suitability for a specific pattern or style. A MM product can contain up to 80 different trims and materials from 50 different suppliers. Choosing the right combination of these is one of the secrets to achieving an outstanding product. The years of experience and long-term commitment to our suppliers and partners has led us to defining new standards in design and fit and pioneering industry innovations.


We have always approached sustainability from a product perspective, opposing the approach of tailoring a product around a marketing or PR story. Unless so many other approaches to sustainability, we focus our efforts on the complete lifecycle of our product and overall footprint of our company – not just on the use of a main fabric with a recycled content. For us, first and foremost a sustainable product is a product that lasts. Consuming less and wearing products longer, leaves the least impact on the environment.
In regards to the contents of our products, we prefer local partners wherever possible. The majority of the fabrics we use come from Europe, a big part of production takes place within the European Union, which is also the center of our distribution. We are constantly testing and reviewing a variety of low impact materials and have introduced first fabrics where crude oil is replaced by natural materials (see MM Icon Collection).  

Same as our product, we see sustainability as an approach of continuous improvement and innovation. In both we can – and will – get better each year. Every day, we explore new sustainable practices in everything – from design to manufacturing, logistics, packaging and management of our buildings.


Our today’s status on sustainability:

  • 50% of product made in EU
  • 100% of main fabrics from Europe
  • 80% of trims and accessories from Europe
  • 100% of packaging materials made of recycled materials or containing recycled materials
  • Warehouse and HQ generate 50% of consumed electricity through solar panels