The setting.  We are deeply aware of our responsibility as company in a highly resource-consuming industry. Italian fabric manufacturer EUROJERSEY, with its patented material SENSITIVE® FABRICS, and German swimwear brand MARYAN MEHLHORN develop sustainable swimwear that goes beyond recycling and the selection of raw materials. This collaboration is based on a holistic approach to sustainable production and product life cycle. It‘ s about the careful use of resources during production, short supply chains and longevity of the product. From the supplier of the smallest components to the fabric manufacturer up to the delivery logistics, a true sustainable cooperation is built on the same environmentally friendly values.

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The impact.  MARYAN MEHLHORN relies on patented SENSITIVE® FABRICS unique sustainable performances. EUROJERSEY declares its Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) which evaluates the environmental footprint of its entire manufacturing cycle since 2019. Due to the renewal of EUROJERSEY’S central heating plant an annual saving of 217,000 cubic meters of methane gas and 460,000 kWh is realized. This reduction in the consumption of methane gas saves emissions equivalent to 434 tons of CO2. At the same time, water consumption was reduced by 8%, a saving of 40 million liters. Longevity is the new textile culture’s driver, made in Europe a choice for local sourcing and production. Minimizing of dead stock and packaging as well as long-lasting quality is our tribute to preserve the resources of life – because we care.

Icological swimwear.  Sustainability made in Europe, that what the design group „Icon“ stands for. Iconic looks and fabrics with reduced ecological footprint. "Icon" is an intervention. Subversive looks add a portion of sexiness to sustainability. The styles are inspired by activewear, give strength and self-confidence - and upon second glance reveal themselves to be sophisticated seducers. Rushing, strapping, tonal mesh panelling set creative statements. Flattering cut-outs strike the balance between elegant chic and appealing allure - just like the skilfully placed mesh accents.