BIONICS – Discover the flagship design of organic swimwear

The yarn of this bio-based fabric is made from castor oil – a totally renewable resource that does not require high amounts of water nor subtracts arable land for food uses. The biomass source is castor bean, Ricinus Communis.

Bio-based fabric innovation replaces polyamide

The fabric
Made from castor beans
Polymide entirely replaced by a plant-sourced material
No feeding plants used, no arable land occupied
100% rewnewable
100% petroleum free

The patented fabric production process
25% less water consumption
20% less CO2 emissions
25% less impact on climate change






The castor bean

Ricinus communis is one of the oldest plants, getting importance as an agricultural crop for subtropical and tropical countries in the world. Castor is a hardy plant, requires low input, tolerates marginal soils, is easy to establish in the field, is resistant to drought, and gives yield 350–900 kg oil per hectare. Castor beans are widespread throughout tropical regions. In areas with a suitable climate, castor establishes itself easily where it can become an invasive plant and can often be found on wasteland. The plant is more likely to self sow in warm climates. This sun loving species generally needs a growing season of 90 to 150 days. Castor beans show great functional value in energy sector, industry, and pharmaceutical. In recent years, it received increasing demand in the international market for its more than 700 uses, ranging from medicine and cosmetics to biodiesel, plastic, and lubricants.

The BIONICS swimwear styles

The evolution in fabric goes hand in hand with the design language of the styles. Consistent subtracting adds long-lasting value. 2 swimsuits and 1 bikini with the purest silhouettes for cross-seasonal character in 2 colours: undiscussable black and nature-loving moss.