MARYAN MEHLHORN swim- and beachwear is manufactured from selected materials and ingredients. Many of the models are rich in- and have been manually embroidered with delicate pearls and sequins. Fine fabrics such as silk and linen give the tunics, pareos & co their exclusive look.

The premium quality and manufacturing can be preserved over time with the adequate care. In order to do so consider the following care instructions:


MARYAN MEHLHORN bikinis and swimsuits are manufactured from elastic fabrics of high quality. The thorough removal of any chlorine, thermal and salt water residue, as well as that of transpiration and cosmetics is extremely important in order to preserve the elasticity of the swimwear over time. Only by doing so, the damage of the sensitive fabric can be avoided.

Therefore, we recommend to quickly rinse your swimwear, after it has been worn, by hand with a mild detergent (up to 30 degrees). You should not use any fabric softener, nor spin-dry the swimwear.

Do not leave your swimwear, longer than needed, rolled-up wet in a plastic bag. Dry your swimwear if possible in the shade, not in the sun, in the dryer or on the radiator.

Always store your swimwear somewhere dry, light-protected and, if possible, on a hanger.


Hand-embroidered decorations, luxurious pendants and exquisite embroidery on noble fabrics such as fine silk or summery linen are characteristic of MARYAN MEHLHORN beachwear. These fine materials and delicate details can only be preserved over time through thorough care.

Therefore, please bear in mind to be careful when handling the embroidery and accessory-elements. It is best to always wash the MARYAN MEHLHON beachwear by hand at up to 30 degrees and refrain from harmful processes such as spin-drying and too high temperatures. Dry your beachwear, if possible, in the shade, and not in direct sunlight nor in the dryer.

Store your beachwear somewhere dry, and preferably loose on a hanger. Additionally, follow the specific care instructions on the label of your beachwear.