For over 40 years, the MARYAN MEHLHORN brand has been setting standards for swimwear and beachwear. The brand combines the demand for quality and function in a compelling way. Every single swimsuit and bikini has this "technical soul". Every year, the collection shows how new development and new designs emerge from the balance of tradition and innovation.

Swimwear by MARYAN MEHLHORN is created from the first idea to the perfectly fitting sample in the Design Atelier in the South of Germany. Know-how is implemented with precision, craftsmanship is granted as much time as it takes to produce this special piece of swimwear. Major parts of the collection are manufactured in the company's own production sites, and the new products are brought to the stores for consumers in the spring and summer of each year. For example, fabrics come from Italy, styles are produced in the Czech Republic and delivered "made to order" from the company's own logistics center in Germany. "Conscious care" describes the process from the initial idea to the moment when the customer first tries on the bikini. A MARYAN MEHLHORN swimsuit has gone through a long development process, but only a short distance before it reaches the customer.

The value of swimwear is measured by the successful combination of design, fabric, craftsmanship and tailoring. Purism and reduction meet sensuality. Craftsmanship is concealed in bead embroidery as well as in the perfect balance of drapery and color. Metallic effects make down-to-earth hues sparkle, tonal colors seem timeless. Fabrics shimmer energizingly, are textured or have a leather finish. Scoop necklines, sculpted bandeau shapes, waist-emphasizing belt elements and subtle cut-outs reflect aesthetic refinement. Sharp-cut looks, invisible sculpturing and asymmetrical shapes are of great importance. Beachwear is waiting to be used outside the pool and beach.