Dedicated to the quality of every single product.

Founded in 1946, we are convicted of women’s uniqueness since more than 75 years when we started as a manufacturer of high-quality lingerie. Based on this expertise, the premium swimwear brand MARYAN MEHLHORN was founded in the mid 1970ies.

The core of our brand is the almost obsessive devotion to craftsmanship and fit. Our experience with body-hugging garments and the handling of elastic fabrics has led us to being one of the most expert houses in creating premium swimwear.

Since the very first day we design and develop all products in our original atelier in southern Germany with highly qualified developers, pattern makers and tailors.



MARYAN MEHLHORN is honoring fine craftsmanship that our people bring to the house’s collections. We pay tribute to our atelier that provide us with everything from lace to buttons and delicate embroidery work.

Craftsmanship is at the center of our brand. Our designs are not just about joining the beautiful and the functional, but it is also about preserving a heritage of handmade goods and exceptional details. We ensure that the art of craftsmanship in swimwear is being kept alive.

Our consumers value the handmade. They appreciate well thought out goods, that defy the concept of disposable fashion. The design, development and production of swimsuits and bikinis require experience, patience and skill. Using traditional techniques and high-quality materials skillful artisans such as tailors, designers and pattern developers work together to create unique and functional swimwear.

All materials that become part of our products are carefully reviewed and chosen in respect to their quality and suitability for each design. A MARYAN MEHLHORN swimsuit or bikini can contain up to 80 different trims and materials. Choosing the right combination of these is the core secret to achieving an outstanding result and pioneering industry innovations. The long-term commitment to our suppliers and partners has led us to defining new standards in design and fit.



Our swimsuits and bikinis are not designed to create PR stories. We focus sustainability on the complete lifecycle of a product and the overall footprint of our company. We do not limit our efforts just on the use of a main fabric with a recycled content.

A sustainable swimsuit is sustainable because it lasts. Consuming less and wearing products longer, leaves the least impact on our environment. We prefer to work with local partners wherever possible. A major part of the fabrics comes from Europe. A big part of the production process takes place within the European Union, which is also the core of our distribution. We are constantly testing and reviewing a variety of low impact materials and have introduced first fabrics where fossil oil is replaced by natural materials.  

We approach sustainability as processes of continuous improvement and innovation. We can get better each year by exploring new sustainable practices from design to manufacturing, logistics, packaging and managing of our buildings.


Our status on sustainability as of today:

50% of product made in EU

100% of main fabrics from Europe

80% of trims and accessories from Europe

100% of packaging materials made of recycled materials or containing recycled materials

Warehouse and headquarters generate 50% of consumed electricity through solar panels