Our vision.  MARYAN MEHLHORN opts for the masterclass in swimwear. The premium brand is committed to create long lasting value for fashion-conscious consumers and focuses on high-quality distribution.

Our mission.  By combining sophisticated silhouettes and luxury comfort, MARYAN MEHLHORN creates true signature looks. Every design embodies our credibility in fabrics, tailoring and craftsmanship.

Our story.  Located in the German South, MARYAN MEHLHORN was established in the early 80’ies by creative director and co-owner Maryan Mehlhorn. Focusing on exceptional fabrics, impeccable details, and precise tailoring, the brand expresses a timeless perspective with subtle attitudes which form an distinct signature for swim- and beachwear.

Our footprint.  Amid mounting evidence of fashion’s climate impact, there is a renewed impetus behind the need for decarbonisation. At MARYAN MEHLHORN, we understand emissions in the entire production and consumption process down to the deepest tiers of the supply chain. Beyond decarbonisation of existing business models, we need to ecouple from current volume-driven measures of success. Value and quality instead of mass production has to be on the agenda. Our latest move: See the cooperation with Italian premium fabrics manufacturer Eurojersey.